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Hi there guys ^^

Yes, this post looks long and boring but please bear with me for once, it's been months (not to say years aha~) that Tsubasa hasn't made any announcement right? ;)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle came to an end only a few days ago, I guess most of you know about this...
That said, considering all the plot holes and unanswered things left hanging in the air, many fans expect a lot from XXXHolic *Cage* , believing some of the *many* questions will be answered.

Well! Back to topic, it was really time to make some changes in the group page both to 'celebrate' TRC ending and also to follow MT general transformation too, neh? ;)
I hope you like the new layout, and the White Mokona mouse cursor too XD (for XXXHolic group, I added up a Black Mokona one :P)

Again, considering the open ending, I believe this is not the last of TRC we will be seeing, so I guess we will still get news from the gang soon enough :D
Anyway, we have already things to look forward to: the release of the tankubons and their new covers, the 2nd artbook with new arts and which will include 2 exclusive oneshots etc..

So, PLEASE *begging on knees* try being a bit active! Share your POV about the end, what you expected, what you hope to see from now on, what you regret/hated about TRC, or whatever you want!
Also I didn't say it enough but while we prefer TRC artworks or Clamp, you are free to introduce any of your works in the group.

Any suggestions about the group page are also very welcome, about what activity or contest you'd like to see for example. Or if you think we should vote for the best TRC artworks each month for example?

I've not been very active myself lately, so it seems weird for me to say all the above, but sincerely, when I see the group's members completely dead, I'm really not motivated to do anything myself ;_____;


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