What are the requirements for an art/design portfolio?

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Hi, I'm graduating next year soon and am looking into Graphic Design/Visual Communications as one of my main university course interests, the problem is, it's a different course from what I'm doing now and I'm asked to make a portfolio...? :S
I'm quite good with hand drawn art pieces if I do say so myself and have looked through examples of portfolios online, what is expected,etc...
Only question I have now at the moment is: Are they looking for computerized art pieces or is it ok for me to send in 'non-photoshopped' ones? Cuz' if that's the case I might have to strangle myself into learning Photoshop within a few months...-.- which is possible given what I was put through in learning basic Flash in a few weeks (teacher gave us a 3 day crash course and expected us to do the rest) for my projects... :C
~Thanks much if you have any advice!

  • Oct 27, 2009

Depends. If you're applying to be a graphic designer for a webpage they'll expect you to know the Adobe suite inside out, plus things like Flash, etc. If you're applying to do graphic design at a magazine or ad agency, they'll just want to see your best work period.

Even if you're a traditional paint-and-canvas artist, knowing how to adjust or manipulate your own work is pretty crucial. The bottom line is, learning things like Photoshop can only improve your chances of getting a second interview.

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