Ouran's Most Handsom Character!

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Who's Ourans most handsom character? (the twins can count as one i guess)
I love Karou the most! I mean, if your a true fangirl, then you can tell the difference. And I love Karou! XD
He's so nice and his personality is just.....EEEE! sorry. i get super pumped when I think about manga/anime! YEAH! lol. oh and tell me ur reason why you love them. aside from manga, i also love video games. LEFT 4 DEAD IS AWESOME!
my fav character from them, is the zombies! oh how i love zombies! *hugs zombie* i love throwing hamsters 2! *throws hamster* oh, welllll yeah so thankies! ^-^ im new to this site, but im no noob at manga/anime and video games! i search, study, read, play, anything connected 2 them! but....my friends at my school are total noobs at it. like, one of my friends just started watching death note, one of my favs, and she was trying to tell me that Light was not Kira, i was like "excuse me?! your argueing with an all out fangirl here?! ive watched this entire thing and i know wat goes on! and i looked it up and of course, i was right. lol. im getting off subject but thankies yall!

They are all great really~ (contemplating...)
Tamaki... I like his piano playing <3<3!

Awww this is hard.... I think it's Mori senpai. Too sexy to be true isn't he?




kyouya ootori/.

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You can't spell manslaughter without laughter.. -Azula



Riou's wife

Tamaki ^^

Most complex problems have a solution. You just have to view it in a different way.

/D uff... i like most of them but : D Kyouya is very nice.

the twins! kawaiii ^^
love Karou and hikaru the most! I mean, if your a true fangirl
Tamaki... I like his piano playing *

Most Handsome? I think Hikaru,and I'am not confiusing him with Kaoru.
About Tamaki? He's so perfect that he can be considered the last prince charming of the world...!

hikaru and kaoru


That's all I got to say



wats up with tamaki? lol. he is awesome...but it means less compition for me! =D becuz i love Karou!

i vote for TAMAKI!

tamaki senpai

kyoya! and the twin also

both hikaru and kaoru! they are just the best!they are pure cute and cooly devilish at the same time! and maybe kyoya AFTER he's been styled by the twins.

hikaru and kaoru they are the best

tamaki......... aaaaaaaaa .............delicious.........

Haruhi! Oh wait, Haruhi is a girl. XD

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I still vote for Haruhi XD



Failure can lead to success ...

Tamaki ... but Honey is sooo cute as well :D

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It's hard to say who's the best of them. They are all so cool.
Maybe Kyoya and Kaoru :)





To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.. -Ulysses
You can't spell manslaughter without laughter.. -Azula

kyouya ootori...^^

mori =)
he is strong and silent which is hot

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