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What do y'all make of this?


My first foray into vectoring. I took as basis a well-know drawing from Omnipresence in Wired:

Original Scan

The original drawing was hard to work with. For one, I had to design an entire new set of eyes for her (Photoshop), one that would properly express that right startled/supplicant upward look and light-source reflections.

I cheated a bit on the mouth. Which is to say, I pretty much kept the original one. It's just a few blurry lines, I know; but it expresses that subtle sense of desperation so well (she is, after all, crying, in case you hadn't noticed), that everything else I tried diminished it again.

Hair is a bitch, LOL. Seriously. I shaded the frontal plucks sticking out. And I overall tried to give it some sort of hair-like texture and glow to match the upper light-source (slightly to her top-right). Also, the original image is somewhat vague/blurry around her left ear, so it's hard to make out how exactly her hair flows. But clearly her left pony-tail, with her trademark X-shaped hair-band, is going behind her left ear (an unusual pose). So I honored Yoshitoshi ABe's design in that regard, too.

Please, tell me what you think.


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better than your faves tbh


That's a nice first vector!
You didn't pick an easy source, though, since is not colored.
My feedback is going to be mainly on the vector...You have a very steady lineart, which is something great, not many people can manage to do that at the first try. But your problem is the jaggedness, which is having the lines looking way to sharp. To prevent that, what I do is vectoring the scan like in a HUGE resolution and the shrink it to the size I'll use, this way it will look smoother and softer too, but without being blurry.
And I don't think that having her skin like grayish is a nice idea, if you are insecure about colors, you can always look for other scans for references.

I like what you did to her eyes, they look so real and scary, like she was looking inside you. It's a nice addition :3
Keep it up!

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The hair... her "ponytail" always goes in the front. Sure, mine are acutally from the Anime, but it's a small thing
This is a link to a site I made... a long time ago... wow... really a long time...

back to the vector critique: I think that the hair strands, if you use that particular effect, should follow the path of the hair, not all use the same angle. I don't tend to do this... probably because of laziness, or the fact that if I do try to group the strand of hair into a comb/brushed pattern, I'll end up finding something else I want to vector and put the item aside for more than a year....

The eyes... they look like eyeballs... where only the Iris is defined in the picture... it's not bad. Very creepy. If I were to use the Eyes, I would have increase their size on the image, so the iris's match, and then use a clipping mask in the shape of the eye, so the eye is fit perfectly in to the thing.

It's a good first effort. I'm not trying to be overly critical or anything like that. I just wanted to mention what I feel needs more work so you can improve your work.

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