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inexplicably green

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o_o There is just something wrong. Hey, there~ I believe this is my first Sandbox entry. I'm trying to be better about posting here before I submit a wall, because my last few have been meh and I've been in a rut. And the rut continues on, on and on. Probably in Prague right now. Now it's in Taiwan. Anyhoo, this is a wall I started earlier today because I didn't feel like vectoring(much) and just wanted something to do. I ended up with what you see above. Basically, Daisy is writing Donald a very to-the-point letter, with things like a postcard from Halloween Town, some "Mickey" that looks like suspiciously like Pocky, pictures, etc. cluttering her work space. Something just doesn't look right... I don't know. This isn't my usual style of wall, so I'm just at a major impasse/block.

Suggestions for fixes/additions/etc are oh-so appreciated.

P.S., that red pencil on the left side is going to be vectored like the highlighter and "Micky" box... and is it OK to post "Disney" like that in a wall on a fake product? I was actually wondering if that was some form of infringement.

(: Thanks!


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This is very cute, I love the idea and how you put everything together.

I was going to mention the red pencil but after I finished reading I see
there's no need, the other pencil on the right has too much shadow. It looks
more like it's floating rather than lying there. I suggest a small shadow.
I'm not sure about the Disney logo...just to be sure though I'd remove it.
I think we all know they're from Disney, so no need to have it sitting there in the wall.
Better safe than sorry.
My last suggestion would be on the wood, could be a bit darker.
I think the paper, photos and cards on the side can loose the shadow. There's no need when you're
trying to make the paper look flat as it should unless it had a defining turn or shape. But it doesn't, so I think it's best to loose the shadow so it doesn't look as if it's floating off the table.

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