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I absolutely enjoyed the whole OVA of Le Portrait de Petite Cossette.

But I just wanna discuss something....the ending, and most importantly the character Shouko.

What exactly was her significance to the whole thing between Cossette and Eiri? Was it implying that Eiri was focusing his love too much on the beauty of Cossette (the portrait, not the real one) which is why he couldn't actually see his true love for Shouko?

Another theory that's been suggested is that maybe they're both reincarnations of Marchello (Eiri) and Cossette (Shouko). But then how does that tie in with the idea that Eiri rejects the idea of Marcello (thus removing himself from that identity and becoming someone else entirely) and not choosing to love that way?

Also when the "Portrait" of Cossette made a pact of blood with Eiri, why was Shouko shown at the side supporting this evil pact of blood? Is that even Shouko, or an illusion referencing Marcello's twisted love for Cossette and what Eiri could potentially become if he loves Shouko the same way Marcello did?

Please answer me, I'd like to know what people think about these questions and their views on it.

  • Oct 12, 2010

i loved Petite Cossette

  • Nov 05, 2010

This is one confusing series to talk about. It's likely that nobody is quite sure what happened. ;)
Hmm, if we consider Shouko to be a (mostly) powerless onlooker... Wikipedia says that Cossette's soul merges into Shouko at the end, which I can't vouch for the validity of.
Actually, the supporting characters don't seem to do much apart from showing that they can't do much.


I don't like tha character Shouko... I don't know why. But I love all the OVA, also the ambigous ending. I hope that Wikipedia is wrong! Eiri and the real Cossette are a very good pairing...

  • Mar 22, 2011

@Leslie Burke: Yeah I get what you mean, while it's not too bad to have Shouko as the 'real' Cossette, it almost feels random as I'd prefer it if Eiri just respected the real Cossette through his actions and while actually giving Shouko a chance (despite not really doing much).

  • Jul 12, 2011

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