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War Queen


I really really hope they do with Soul Eater what they did with FMA Brotherhood, since it's basically the same situation. They changed the ending of Soul Eater because they were cutting it too close to reaching were the manga chapters currently were at that time and they needed to end the show within their planned 51 episodes so that is why they changed things. With that in mind I really believe and hope that they make a 'remake' of Soul Eater picking up where they branched off with the original material in the manga after they give the the manga a few years to get ahead and go from there. Because even though I was skeptical about the show when I first heard about it, after a little while I decided to give it a shot and watch it, since it seemed like a change of pace for me from the anime I was and still am currently watching. Since I started watching it, I really love the concept of the show and it made me sad to know the show ends at 51 episodes. And now I even read the manga going from the chapter where the anime branched off, about the search for Brew and I continued from there until I reached the last chapter and wait until next month. And since they are doing the whole Repeat Show deal it means BONES still has their hands on the anime.

So what do you think? Do you think in the future after some years Soul Eater will be remade like the situation with FMA Brotherhood after giving the manga a chance to get further along, since the reasons for the show ending the way it did was the same? I personally hope this is the case. :~)

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