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Quote by magentaanbu,

The wallpaper you have submitted (Panty Henshin!) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:

- It was too simplistic.
- The subject was too blurry or over-filtered.
- It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos.
- It was a low-effort wallpaper.
- It was an alternate version of an existing wallpaper. Please only upload one version of a wallpaper. If you wish to display alternate versions, you may post an offsite link.
- It did not feature an anime-style image.

Minitokyo only accepts wallpapers that meet certain standards of quality. For help with making wallpapers, refer to the Art & Design Lounge and/or Sandbox.


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Inquiries can be made in the Deletion Complaints forum.

Hi :)

I'm sorry but pretty sure I'm not breaking any of the rules stated in the wallpaper guidelines .___.;;; Maybe I missed something? I apologize since maybe my description of the wall I uploaded was too vague and might have caused a misunderstanding with the moderator who reviewed it.

The wallpaper I uploaded was done by me. I made the vector of the character myself and remade the background and fit the image in a wallpaper size format.

I am puzzled as to why it was deleted....
I could only think of this reason "- It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos."
Its based off a screen shot but its completely remade from scratch.


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better than your faves tbh


Is exactly as you say. The description you provided was not enough. We couldn't tell if it was your vector since you didn't stated it or put your signature on the submission.
I have restored it, but into the indy art section as there isn't much of a background. You have to add a description and signature as soon as possible or else it will be deleted again.

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Lol omg, click on quote in guestbook instead of spamming your own stuff, SMH


Will do. Thank you! and sorry again

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