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How many of you enjoyed the band of seven episodes? I absolutely loved all of them and although they were in alot of episodes, I think that Renkotsu and Jakotsu's deaths were to quick when they did actually battle because remember what made it go on for so many episodes was that they kept hiding, the battles were actually short. Like Renkotsu's battle with Bankotsu (I love Bankotsu and I wish that his Banyru and him would be a main villian like Kagura or someone else.)

So, my main question is who is your favorite band of seven character and why and if you wish, like me, that they would have appeared more in the show as main villians.

Band of seven:

Jakotsu (he was so strange >.<)

  • Mar 21, 2011

My favorite is Bankotsu, he wasn't shown a lot in the beginning. But he was so awesome. Plus being the leader, it even better. Like you I wish they lasted a little longer then they did. I loved his banyru. He all stuck with his friends till the end :D

  • Apr 03, 2011

Dunno who my favorite of all is, but I think Renkotsu had the most development of them due to the fact that he was the odd man out with his change of motives and agenda, thus showing that the Band of Seven was hardly any sort of "perfect" group in any way and showed the usual flaw in any powerful group or organization; the chance of betrayal because of greed or any other personal reasons.

  • Apr 04, 2011

I agree completely with both of you guys. Although, I would say that suikotsu was one of my favorites because of his split personality...
how he goes all teddy bear and then psycho killer the next second.
BUT bankotsu is still the best for me, mainly because of the last battle between ren and him how he said that what made him better was that he would never turn his back on his friends.

I have to admit that all of them were awesome, with the exception of kyokotsu and mukotsu (they were just boring)

  • Apr 07, 2011

Eh, that may be what he SAYS makes him "stronger" (at least as a person, it would be true), but it's quite obvious that Bankotsu is the leader simply because he's just purely the strongest and most powerful of them all if their little stand-off was anything to go by, even with Renkotsu having several of his jewel shards and Bankotsu not even using Banryu.

  • Apr 07, 2011

True, if they didn't like him as a leader they probably would have just overthrown him.

  • Apr 11, 2011

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