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Akamatsu Sensei announced that Negima! will end in three more chapters! Starting from 29th February! o.O


I knew that with Asuna sleeping the story would be less funny/interesting... but what about Nagi (Negi's father)?..
oh, so many questions.. x.x





nah, akamatsu sensei will somehow figures it out, with time skip over thousand years when asuna wake up
i will miss this series with really good drawing and background, its end will give another series to grow up even a new series by akamatsu sensei will not hurt ^^
p.s. i think 2012 its the end of a lot of manga like blech and naruto giving sign the will reach their climax soon

Man proposes. God disposes.


Now, that i understand. I'm sure that he will skip some years, or even the 100 years that Asuna will sleep.. but that was so sudden... u.u
I will really miss this series, but i too really want to know what happened with Nagi, Arika and Zect. *_*

P.S I just read chapter 152, and it is soooooo sad, moving and confusing... even more because the emotions were piling up in the last few chapters...
With this i just realized that this series deserves that i read it entirely one more time before the three final chapters. >.<
I hope the final makes me smile... or to cry out of joy ^^


From the mind comes the query.


Read chapters 152 through 155: Asuna wakes up 135 years into the future, Asuna meets Ayaka's great-great-granddaughter in search of anybody from her class, Asuna sees Negi buried six feet under and learns that everybody's dead (including poor Ayaka, who finally dies 35 years earlier), Asuna sits upon sakura tree near Mahora, Asuna unearths photos of her class unraveling through the years, Asuna hears Negi's voice, Asuna finally lets go in a full-on bawl-out... and here come the vampire and not-Chachamaru (where oh where is Chachamaru? come on people, I need a gag) in a cool feat of DEUS EX MACHINA (echo, echo), saving Asuna from becoming Zetsubuou-sensei.

(Echo, echo.)

The rest of the story is mere formality, but what the heck: I feel as if I've been cheated out of an interesting ending, only to end up with a totally satisfying one. Part of me wants to milk Asuna's tears for all their weight in hard water; part of me recoils from even thinking that.

I'm torn.

  • Apr 30, 2012

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