Vector Extensions (requested tablet users' help)

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So...I'm making this vector of Kobato, but I'm having trouble extending the scan. It's pretty difficult to do it right. I can only get her feet about correct...her dress...Well, the frills give me a lot of trouble.. Sure, I can zoom in but...I don't really get further than a terrible stroke-lined sketch (terrible to free hand vectors). For a vector, I need something a bit more precise to get her completely done, which would be your job in this request.

Feel free to correct everything, I will comment on it later if something is off.
Oh...and... Please try to refrain from showing her panties.

Original Scan << For those who would like to know how the original image looked
Extending (As far as I got) << Might help if you have no clue how it should look like. The dress is still off though.
Vector outlines for your use << Feel free to make your own intepetrations using this one =D

Thanks in advance ~

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the extension of her right leg where it connects to her body needs a bit of a fix, currently it is a bit awkward, it needs to slope inwards some more, as it currently seems to be too outwardly imposed.

so far it looks pretty good for stroking the image, admittedly I am bad at vectoring so I can't do much for the frills, sorry, but wanted to provide a bit of a tweak suggestion

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