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<3 Knowledge & Elfen Lied


So I uploaded this b/c this was the first media I thought to myself that "hey, great place to put my song here" So yeah, anyone can respond, this was mostly so I could give the entire thing as an essence for my friend to view. The other media source has a chracter limit :(

"Hey Chris, how you doing today?"
"I'm still breathing, so i guess my answer should be okay"
"you're unsure so I doubt you're okay at your score
A rich man don't guess he rich; the poor know that they poor"

"What you wanna hear? That I'm depressed and anxious?"
"No, i wanna hear why you don't talk about your pancreas
It was hurting to the point you couldn't laugh at a joke
waiting for septic shock to take you, lose conciousness, and you croak

Why dont you ask for assistance when you know you needed help?
Are you too proud or you think your cries of help won't be felt?"
"Why you gotta question my past decisions when
the only reason it happened was besores from being bed ridden?"

"you're spewing prevarications, your mind and heart knows it's blatant
Your sickness lies not in your body, but mind, premeditated
I'm unsure of when this notion of self-sufficiency started,
but it's fake unauthentic, like the Holy Virgin's garment

Accept the fact the fact you're mortal and gain some assitance
You don't have to fight alone - you've misued energy and persistence
"So why don't we sit by a fire and tell some sob stories
about how our dementia ridden antics impact our lives at 40?"

I'll gladly walk my path a thousand times till im ghost
Whether I end successful or a corpse on a river that floats
"Knock off that dumb bravado, that act a'int tricking me none,
You can't lock me away - I'll get to you like the rays of the sun

How can you speak that utter nonsense and then talk to your mom
about fulfilling her every need & give her cars like the ones from Tron?"
"I'll do it; my plan's already in execution
but that plan doesn't force me to make As as a high school student"

"But why don't you? If you did, you'd have a lot less problems"
"Problems will always be; they're a well with no bottom"
"But you love bragging, saying you as smart as a Harvard scholar
and how you hope your raps will leave you as the next hip hop martyr"

"I speak empty like a man in debt, saying he has plenty
and an assassin that you spot, saying 'I'm not a foe! I'm friendly!'"
"But you wanna believe in those words, no matter if they're empty or not
I'm sick of pretending to be the carefree loser I'm not"

"I can't change my ways, so get used to the feelings of death & rot"
"You're full of bull with that quasi-pessimism - just freakin stop
There's truth in jest, so even if you joke of being the best
You believed it in the deepest part of you, the part you laid to rest"

"Would you believe if you hated the guy you saw in the mirror
but everyone else likes him and they wanna take his picture?"
"If you became him, I'm to blame for letting that happen
We lost interested to better ourselves and slowly lost our passions

We joined factions we never would, did things we never should
Kept our emotions hidden and yelled to the world we were misunderstood
It's time to come together and end the schizophrenic madness
All we're doing is giving the passion that love us lots of sadness"

"All things come to dust and to dust return again
the sadness we cause hurts little, it's but a passing whim
How many times have we smiled when the outcrim was looking grim?
How many times did we shrug when we reached a horrid end?

Not meaning to offend, but I'm just watching the clock tick
I'll give my 30% till my pyre's lit with a matchstick
In all seriousness, a grave ceremony is quite delirious
We'll be lucky if we're heard of by a citizen up in Michigan"

"Please don't give in to the darkness that surrounds us
through pain and suffering we endured; that's the way they found us
a rabid beast unfit to walk through a door is how we felt inside
A rising Harvard scholar is howe we looked, they glared at us with pride

Just stared ionside confront the monstrosity and mediocrity
and crash thorugh like bullets through skulls at max velocity
Like Ptolemy, we analyzed our life through a tiny microscope
and the more flaws we found, the worse the depression, and we lost all hope"

"Pass the coke and aspirin; your optimism's artificial
plain and simple; let me drop the truth on you like Russian missiles
We're joke, a hypocrite to our life, our dreams, our hopes
I'm not suicidal, but mentally, I'm already hanging from a rope"

"So is the end, all our sruggles and victories meaning nothing?"
"Even nothing is something; we simple can't percieve what it's becoming"
"We are the hypocrisy; the ying and yang of soul
The two ends of the spectrum, the two fueding houses that refuse to fold
"Together, we write raps that are hot enough to cook an omlet"
(Together)"But in real life we can't fuction; stuck in internal conflict"

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf mutes
-The Individual Eleven



ぬいぐるみ !


don't really know what beat this is set to, but the lyrics are quite interesting, to be honest seems something like a poem or ballad, but over all, not having the beat and just the lyrics it seems nice. and if it's a rap song then these are some interesting lyrics going into one, don't believe I've encountered these sort of things in a rap song before, makes me curious how it all going to turn out



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