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I was recommended to ask about my problem here.
Ever since my scan had been deleted and then restored the total number of my scans has been shown incorrectly, as if that deleted-restored scan still did not exist. Can it be fixed? The total number of my scans is smaller than the number of scans that are actually in my gallery, and not only at my profile and my gallery, but at the achievments page too. The numbers for my scans chosen by the primary tag are correct. Right now my gallery looks like this:
Scans (16)
Aquarion EVOL 1
I know it is a minor problem but it still bothers me. It wasn't fixed even after I added 2 new scans, the total is still 1 scan smaller than it should be.

Edit: the number became correct after I had submitted a new scan as a replacement of one of my old scans and reported that old scan to be deleted. I suppose that some other users might experience the same problems when they have their scans deleted and/or restored. Thus, my own problem for now has gone but I think that this information might be useful because the total numbers of scans in users' galleries do become incorrect sometimes.

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