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At first, I hated Cross. But, I think I judged him with an overly critical eye.

Like with manga chapt.206 because of Cross' ultimate intentions of taking care of a cocoon (Allen), using for his boss' revival.

But, he came to care for Allen very early on, as 206 showed, where we see he has some guilt, or conflict over Allen's situation/.

He knew Neah would be reborn. And to do such, sacrifcing someone was going to happen. I believe that regardless of whom Neah resided, Cross would feel bad, if it was a good person with friends, and a future taken from them. In this case, it's Allen.

So, I am starting to think Cross seems/acts so heartless, because he's so caring. If that makes sense.

I am crazy about his character. But I notice alot of the fanon just think he's a heartless sleaze, and a womanizer that abuses, hates, or mistreats women. I don't see that at all.

Anyone else actually love Cross, and think he's not that bad?

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