Arslan Senki (2015) vs. Arslan Senki (1991)

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(Sry if the english is bad - I wrote it in german and then used Google translate ;P)

What do you think of those 2 Animes? What is your opinion?

As I have already read a lot of reviews and comments on both, and sadly the majority thinks that the older Version is better, I'll write my own opinion on it!

To be quite honest I'm really, really, REALLY GLAD that this anime got a "remake" !
For me personally, the old version was pur agony to watch! The characters look just awful! A disgusting character style! More than half of all major characters have feminine traits although they are men, nor to see them almost all look the same! Daryun is just plain ugly! And this helmet of Arslan is just ridiculous!
The fight scenes are done rather easily - there is no tension here!
The OVAs have neither a real beginning nor do you know what it's all about - Conclusion It is confusing! I was really extremely happy when I arrived at the last episode - I really deeply regret that I have ever looked at this older version!
Sure it's an old Anime but there are many old Animes which don't look ugly in my eyes. For example Sailor Moon - also very old but the Remake was better too!

I do not understand the best of intentions, what most ever like in the older version!?! Many also believe that the drawings by Hiromu Arakawa all look the same, but I do not think so at all!
The new anime is truly a class of its own! The drawing style is Awsome, in my opinion, and one of the best anime this season ! The OP & ED are both fantastic!
All the characters look great, no matter if they now belong to the evil or the good guys! Specifically Hermes, Daryun, Gieve, Narsus and Farangis! Each of them look great!
Although Arslan is somewhat naive, but I could not imagine him differently to me, you just have to like him! And these few small funny moments are simply part!
As mentioned above, I am really very happy that this anime was re-done!
Even if there will never be the DVDs in German (as with other animes as well) I'll still buy the DVDs! (even in Japanese)

So please let me hear your opinion on it!


Didnt knew it was a Remake but i doubt i will watch the older Version cause of the Style which is in the new Version simply amazing!
The Images ive seen from the older one also seems like the chars are like totally different Person.

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