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Fillling you in on the latest.


Armageddon is back and this time for a whole week! (* ^ ω ^) This time we're eliting on request so if you'd like to be an elite for a week comment below and we'll get right on it.

For a brief recap of what Armagedon is;
Armaggedon is a time where all minitokyo members can experience being an elite member- AND - can upload just about anything from censored porn, memes, and more. At the end of the week the staff will observe what was uploaded and will give awards accordingly. For a preview of what awards we've given out check out our Armageddon Highlights article-

Heres a guide on our Armageddon ecchi / hentai content;
If you want your content to stay past this week follow these guidelines. Otherwise when the week is over they will be deleted.
1. When you censor it you cannot let private parts be shown. So lets say you edit a sandwhich over somebodies genitallia - we better not see something under it or its gone by the end of the week. And so on.
2. No pedophillia/ beastiality/ or rape. No illegal activity. If it shows this at all it wont even stay for the week.

Have fun guys!

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  • Apr 01, 2018

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